As of now there are around 35 little gatherings in the Czech Republic where Christian men can meet to supplicate, share, and have talks. The sources of these gatherings are associated with the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) Whole Marriage Ministries. These gatherings are week-long courses for wedded couples held by the YMCA. They acquainted this administration with the Czech Republic in 1989. Men who took part in these YMCA Whole Marriage Ministries required their own men’s exercises, and all things considered, some of them have together and searched for a base for such exercises. They drew the primary thoughts for these gatherings from the exploration of Rohr (2005), Bly (1990), and Moore and Gillette (1990). After starting their task it turned out to be informally known as “The Men’s Movement.”1 We might now want to quickly introduce the principle thoughts of these creators Men support group.

Richard Rohr is an American Catholic cleric. He researched the thought of men’s character and saw its foundations as in the Bible and folklore. He has composed more than twenty books, the most well known being, “From wild man to savvy man. Impressions of male otherworldliness” (2008). In spite of being a minister, he is condemning of dubious otherworldliness and certain parts of the Church’s instructing that he considers excessively absurd. Robert Bly is an American writer. He is additionally keen on investigating the point of male character. His book, “Iron John” (1990) depicts the procedures in men’s mind delicately. Robert Moore is an American psychoanalyst and educator of brain science and religion; Douglas Gillette is an American mythologist. In their most celebrated book, “Lord, warrior, performer, sweetheart: Rediscovering the prime examples of develop manly” (1990), they depict four paradigms thought to be grounded in each man’s mind (ruler, warrior, entertainer, and darling), with their quality and shortcomings.

One of The Men’s Movement’s fundamental exercises are men’s gatherings, which we picked as the subject for our examination. The program of each gathering is comparative – at first, men will play drums together for five to ten minutes. A typical supplication pursues. Men generally ask in their very own words. This is trailed by a sharing of what they have encountered since their last gathering. An investigation of a theme identified with men’s character pursues. In spite of the fact that the recently recognized parts of the program are regular for most gatherings, this angle is the most factor. In certain gatherings men will meet up to peruse a book committed to men’s otherworldliness. Following this there is typically a discourse about the fundamental thoughts in the entry. In different gatherings the men will give an introduction on a picked theme, which is then talked about similarly as the book.

The individuals from the gatherings can meet once per week, like clockwork or once every month. There are normally anyplace between 4 to 15 individuals in some random gathering. The gatherings can last as long as two hours and for the most part happen at night. A few gatherings assemble in area houses and others may meet in their very own homes or pads. The enrollment is available to everyone who acknowledges the standards of the gathering (e.g., everyone has a privilege to express their sentiment; everything spoken about inside this gathering remains between its individuals and so on.). Participation is additionally open for single and separated from individuals. There is no umbrella association that would authoritatively join every one of these gatherings; by the by, individuals from different gatherings meet by means of web conferences2 or different occasions composed by The Men’s Movement in the Czech Republic.

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